Trending Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Styles for 2022

Laboratory grown diamond engagement rings have been super popular in recent months. If you’re unfamiliar with the man-made stone, it is simply a diamond that has been created in controlled laboratory settings. 

Optically, physically and chemically however, a laboratory grown diamond is the same as its earth mined counterpart. The only difference lies in the way in which the two types of diamonds are formed and mined.

Although, the accessibility of laboratory grown diamonds means they are often much more affordable than earth mined stones. Therefore, many couples are choosing a diamond engagement ring with laboratory grown details in order to find the design of their dreams within their budget, or to save and set money aside for all the memorable moments that are yet to come. 

Therefore, laboratory grown diamond engagement ring collections are growing. There are now styles suitable for every kind of bride-to-be, no matter whether you’re into timeless classics or something with a contemporary twist. And here are some of the trending styles…

Solitaire diamond rings 

Whether natural or laboratory grown, a solitaire diamond engagement ring will always be a popular choice. This style features a single, central diamond set on a metal ring. The diamond stone itself can be any cut, including round brilliant, oval and princess among others, while the metal ring can be crafted from yellow, white or rose gold, or even platinum. 

One of the biggest benefits of a laboratory grown solitaire diamond engagement ring is that couples can often find larger carat and higher quality diamonds for a fraction of the price of an earth mined alternative. 

Three stone diamond rings 

Why settle for just one diamond when you can have three? Three stone diamond engagement rings are another popular choice among modern brides-to-be. The style is best known for its special symbolism and bold, statement-making presence when placed on the finger. 

Designed to represent the past, present and future of a relationship, three stone engagement rings offer couples a way to mark every memorable moment in their journey. And laboratory grown diamonds only add to the unique story. 

Three stone engagement rings can also include precious gemstones in their design. These gems can be grown in a laboratory too, in order to keep prices down and quality under control.

Halo set diamond rings 

Diamond engagement rings in a halo setting are some of today’s most desirable styles. Whether in a round brilliant, oval, pear or cushion cut, for example, the halo detailing adds an extra element of sparkle to the overall ring design. 

Due to the size and stature of a diamond halo ring, prices can often stretch budgets further than couples are willing to go. Therefore, a laboratory grown design is popular among those who dream of sporting the sparkly style on their finger, but for a price they are able to pay. 

Not only this, but couples or partners can also choose double halo designs, or rings with a greater carat weight, clarity or cut quality, ensuring optimal brilliance and fire. 

Diamond set shoulders 

What could look more elegant or glamorous than a beautiful ring with delicate diamonds placed throughout? While a pavé set ring might not be for everyone, particularly because of how gentle and carefully it needs to be handled, a design with diamond set shoulders is the ideal compromise. 

From the front, a diamond set shoulder engagement ring looks as though it is entirely covered in diamonds. From the back, the exposed metal ensures comfort and minimises the chance of damage, striking the perfect balance. 

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the style has been trending for some time now. With a laboratory grown option, you can ensure that each diamond is perfectly set and is of the highest possible quality, cut and carat. 

Marquise cut diamond rings 

A marquise cut diamond engagement ring is traditional and classic. The elongated shape flatters almost every finger it graces, helping it to appear more slim and slender. As well as this, its rich history and heritage, which dates back centuries and spans borders, makes the marquise cut a firm favourite for many. 

A laboratory grown marquise cut diamond engagement ring carries all of this, while also adding a modern twist to the style. It allows wearers to pay homage to the cut’s origins, as well as celebrate just how far we have come in terms of technology, styles and companionship. 

Vintage inspired engagement rings

Vintage style jewellery has been trending for some time now, and engagement rings are no different. Essentially, there is a unique charm to a ring that is reminiscent of the past. It already carries a large amount of history, heritage and character that can be added to as it now becomes a part of your romantic love story. 

Some of the most popular styles of vintage inspired engagement rings include emerald and cushion cut designs. The mirror-like effect of an emerald cut diamond can be likened to Art Deco style, while the cushion cut is one of the longest standing diamond shapes. 

For an emerald cut diamond, individuals often find better luck with a laboratory grown option. This is because the flat surface of the diamond shape leaves inclusions and imperfections more visible than in other styles. Therefore, it is often much easier and more cost-effective to find a better clarity of diamond in laboratory grown form than naturally mined. 

Clearly, laboratory grown diamonds have become just as versatile and popular as earth mined diamonds. Therefore, there are now more possibilities with your engagement ring than ever. For more laboratory grown diamond ring inspiration, you can browse our entire collection online and in store today. 

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