Engagement Ring Styles for Different Personalities

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, there is a lot to take into consideration in order to land on the perfect piece. From budget and size to diamond cut and carat weight, couples can find themselves inundated with options. 

One thing we believe helps people find their perfect ring is choosing a style that suits the personality of the wearer. Like people, each style of engagement ring has its own distinct character, and when this aligns with your or your partner’s unique personality, the pairing can be a true match made in heaven. 

So, if you’re looking for an engagement ring with lots of personal appeal, read on to discover the types of rings we recommend for different personalities.

Classic couples 

For those with a more classic sense of style and who find themselves gravitating more towards traditional and timeless pieces, there are a number of suitable engagement ring options for you. 

Perhaps the most popular style is a round brilliant cut in a solitaire setting. The single diamond stone gives off an aesthetic that is simple, yet incredibly sophisticated, and not forgetting timeless and elegant thanks to its understated style. In a round brilliant cut, the diamond will also exude an abundance of sparkle, with the cut being the best to showcase a diamond’s brilliance. 

A yellow gold ring is also a great choice for a classic bride-to-be. Yellow gold rings have been around since the beginning of the engagement ring tradition. While these rings began as simple gold bands, over time, the inclusion of diamonds and other precious gemstones became common practice. Today, this remains a preferred style for those who want a ring that has already proven it can stand the test of time.

Nature lover 

If you or your partner have a particular interest in the environment and often find yourselves opting for eco-friendly and ethical products, then a laboratory grown diamond engagement ring is your perfect match. 

Laboratory grown diamonds are hailed for their sustainable status. Unlike earth mined diamonds which are formed naturally deep within the earth’s crust, laboratory grown diamonds are artificially created in a controlled setting. Therefore, these diamonds do not need to be mined, causing little harm to the environment. 

Despite this, you can be sure that a laboratory grown diamond possesses all the same beautiful characteristics and qualities as an earth mined diamond. Physically, chemically and optically, both types of diamond are the same. 

Stylishly sentimental 

An engagement ring carries a large amount of meaning and significance, regardless of its style. However, there are certain engagement ring designs that express more meaning than others, and these are perfect for those with a more sentimental personality. 

One of the most popular ways to inject greater meaning into an engagement ring is through a bespoke design. Partners can pick and choose the various elements of their ring, ensuring each is perfectly suited to the wearer. For instance, it may be that your partner likes a certain diamond cut and prefers a particular type of metal over others. 

You can also have engagement rings engraved with initials or personal messages, which offers another romantic way to personalise the piece of jewellery. Or, it may even be that a ring, diamond or gemstone that has been passed down through generations is restored or redesigned into an engagement ring suitable for today. 

Other styles, such as precious gemstone engagement rings and three stone styles are also great choices for sentimental brides-to-be. Precious gemstones, including sapphires, rubies and emeralds all have their own meanings. For example, a sapphire represents fidelity and trust, while a ruby is a symbol of love, romance and passion. Both are equally as important in marital relationships making gemstone engagement rings another popular choice. 

Similarly, three stone engagement rings have taken on various meanings over the years. For some they hold religious significance, with the three stones representing the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. For others, the three stones are a symbol for the past, present and future, making for the perfect way to represent the memories and journey of your life with your partner. 

A vow to vintage 

Some of us just love things from the past, which can make finding the right engagement ring a bit of a challenge, particularly when so many of today’s collections are new, shiny, polished pieces of jewellery. 

However, there are a few styles of ring that radiate a vintage appeal. For example, angular diamond cuts, such as princess, emerald and cushion cuts are often chosen for this exact reason. The sharp lines and mirror-like effect given off by these diamond shapes create Art Deco inspired engagement rings that are perfect for any vintage enthusiast. 

Cluster settings are also a popular past-inspired choice, particularly those which surround sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Again, a yellow gold ring is reminiscent of early engagement rings, making for another suitable option. 

Modern romantic 

If you or your partner like to be on trend then a modern day, stylish engagement ring is a must. However, the challenge lies in finding a ring that not only appeals to today’s styles, but which will also stand the test of time and remain stylish in the many years to come too. 

A twist on the classic round brilliant cut has become a popular choice. The round brilliant diamond with diamond halo exudes the timeless appeal of the classic style, while adding extra sparkle and size for a modern day bride. 

Many of today’s couples also opt for white gold or platinum rings, rather than the traditional yellow gold. The bright white lustre of these metal types pairs perfectly with the brilliance of the diamonds to create a stylish engagement ring with plenty of allure. 

Rose gold rings have also risen in popularity in recent years, which aligns with similar trends in home decor, fashion and beauty. 

By no means is this an extensive list of all personalities and engagement rings. However, we hope it has provided you with some insight and inspiration for finding a style that is perfectly suited to you. 

Now, with this in mind, you can browse our full collection of engagement rings, including all styles mentioned above, to get one step closer to your dream ring. Or, book a consultation with our experts and let us help you on your way.

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