How to Create a Beautiful Bridal Set

In recent years, there has been an emerging trend among brides opting to stack and style their engagement and wedding rings to create beautiful bridal sets. 

Whether you are beginning the search for your dream engagement ring with a stackable style in mind, or are wanting to ensure your choice in wedding band pairs perfectly with your current ring, we share our top tips and advice on how you too can create a swoon-worthy collection on your finger. 

What is a bridal set?

A bridal set refers to a collection of rings, generally made up of an engagement ring, wedding band, eternity rings and other sentimental pieces. The collection of rings can be worn in a stacked fashion on one finger - the ring finger - or across various fingers. 

The purpose of the bridal set is to firstly, showcase all your beautiful designs, rather than keeping them locked away in your jewellery box. But as well as this, many women enjoy having their meaningful pieces on their body at all times, as a reminder of their love and commitment, and the special moments in which each ring was received. 

What rings can be included in a bridal set?

Generally, a bridal set includes an engagement ring and a wedding ring. With the engagement ring often the pricier and more showstopping of the two, many brides choose to continue wearing their piece, rather than swapping it for a wedding band once vows are exchanged. So, by stacking a wedding ring with an engagement ring, you can still show your marital status, while also keeping your beautiful piece on show. 

However, a bridal set does not have to stop there. It may be that you have received other precious pieces of jewellery from your partner over the years, and want to add these to your finger too. Rings received on birthdays, anniversaries, or to mark other moments and milestones, can also be worn alongside an engagement ring and wedding ring to create a beautiful, stacked set.

Another popular ring that can be included in your bridal set is an eternity ring. As there are no rules for when eternity rings should be given, couples often mark their own unique milestones and special moments with the symbolic style of ring. Therefore, an eternity ring can be stacked with your engagement ring and wedding ring to create a trilogy design with tons of meaning. 

Top tips for creating a bridal set 

If you’re ready to get started with your bridal set, here are our top tips:

  • Build your collection over time 

While you might have it in mind that you want to create a bridal set with your romantic rings, there should be no rush. The best bridal sets are those that have been created over time, with each piece carefully selected. 

Although you can choose your own rings specifically for a bridal set, building your collection over time ensures each ring holds sentiment, as they will have been gifted to you at special moments in your relationship. This way, your bridal set will also be completely unique to you, providing a beautiful representation of your one of a kind love story. 

  • Try your rings on in person 

No matter the stage you are at with creating your bridal set, whether you are shopping for an engagement ring to begin your collection, or are looking for a wedding band that complements your current pieces, it is always recommended that you try your rings on in person. This ensures a perfect match before making a purchase. 

This is important because it helps you determine the style of rings you like best and how well they pair together, and with your existing pieces. Issues such as mismatched metals, differences in sizes and other inconsistencies that might cause frustration can be resolved when items are seen and tried on. 

  • Stick to a theme 

Although there are no rules for creating a bridal set, the best way to ensure a coherent, perfectly paired collection is by sticking to a theme. This theme can be anything from opting for rings crafted from the same metal type to rings featuring the same beautiful stone. 

For example, if you have a yellow gold engagement ring, a wedding band of the same metal type and colour will ensure a consistent design. Or, choosing rings with the same diamond or gemstone colour or cut can create a well-considered set. 

  • Think about space and shape 

When placed on the finger, a bridal ring set should fill the space between your palm and knuckle, comfortably, so that it does not restrict movement. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the shape and size of the rings in your collection. 

Fortunately, with the bridal set trend growing in popularity, it is possible to find rings in shapes and sizes that are designed to be stacked. For example, curved wedding rings, such as the Eva style, offer brides a beautiful design that sits perfectly next to an engagement ring, without disrupting the magnificent middle diamond or gemstone. 

While all engagement ring styles can be stacked, those best suited to the trend are solitaire diamonds. With few other details or obstructions, the large, central rock can remain the focal point of the stacked collection. 

Now you know what to look out for when creating a beautiful bridal set, you can begin the search for the perfect additions to your collection in our range of engagement, wedding and eternity rings online and in store today.

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