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Our family jewellers has been in business for almost 50 years.
We have celebrated many engagements over the years and now welcoming the children of our lovely couples.
They are creating their own memories with their very own Rocks Engagement Rings.
How honoured are we to design and create jewellery that will last the test of time.
We would love you to join us in our newly refurbished stores to browse through our stunning collection in person.

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The Rocks engagement ring collection includes a range of beautiful styles. Narrow your search and shop by the style that best suits you or your partner.

14 Day Cooling Off Period

We offer a 14 day cooling off period for Engagement Ring purchases. Take the stress out of choosing! Does not apply to bespoke or resized rings.


Pay in loveable easy instalments. Spread the cost over time with HUMM financing.

Lifetime Cleaning & Check Up

To ensure your engagement ring lasts a lifetime we offer free cleaning and check ups for life. We want your Rocks ring to be safe, secure and always sparkling!

Wedding Ring Offer

All our engagement ring customers automatically receive 15% off their wedding rings. We can make sure your wedding ring is the perfect match.

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The Rocks engagement ring collection features diamonds in just about every cut.
Shop by classic and contemporary styles, including round brilliant, cushion, pear, marquise, princess, oval and more.

Bespoke Designs

We are full service jewellers, with a workshop and in-house design team.
Let’s create your ring - a one of a kind, dream come true, heirloom.
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What our customers say

Sara Turner

Judith was so amazing at helping my partner choose an engagement ring for me. They even got the size perfect! Judith was also so helpful after I got the ring by telling me about how to care for it & all the services that Rocks offer with cleaning & serving it to make sure the diamond is secure. I would definitely recommend Judith to anyone. She was very patient with all my questions & eased all my anxiety around wearing such a fab piece everyday like about how to insure it & when to resize it if I needed. She was amazing

Liam Purcell

We had a fantastic experience with Rocks. The staff across their locations in Stillorgan and Grafton Street were great and enabled us to find the perfect ring for us. Jean was our attendant and she was very informative, provided great advice and was very warm and friendly throughout. We couldn't have asked for better customer service... I guess you could say Jean ROCKS!

Thank you Jean and thank you Rocks for everything, I would recommend to anyone and everyone looking for fine quality jewellery and model customer service!

Kev Dowling

Absolutely phenomenal service - Eimear went above and beyond in ensuring the whole experience was exceptional. Couldn't recommend them highly enough, wonderful!

Evelyn Whyms

We dealt with Carol in Rocks on Grafton St. She was extremely helpful and gave us lots of time. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rocks to anyone. My ring was resized within an hour. We will be back for wedding bands!

Our engagement ring collection

Our engagement ring collection caters to all styles and budgets, with designs available in almost every cut, shape and setting you could dream of. Whether you are looking for a subtle, yet sophisticated solitaire design, a bold and brilliant statement style or something completely bespoke, we do our best to accommodate it all. 

Our collection features beautiful certified earth mined diamond designs, as well as  breathtaking laboratory grown diamond rings, coloured stone styles and more. Every piece in the collection has been crafted by expert jewellers, who place a keen eye for detail and high quality standards at the heart of their practice. This way, you can be sure that your Rocks engagement ring will last a lifetime

Dublin’s diamond engagement ring specialists

For decades, diamonds have been the go-to stone for engagement rings, and for good reason. The beautiful precious gemstone exudes brilliance and fire like no other, ensuring all eyes are drawn to the special item of jewellery when worn. 

At Rocks, we also specialise in beautifully crafted lab grown diamond engagement rings that possess all the same high quality characteristics as any natural diamond ring. For more information on lab grown diamonds, be sure to read our guide.

Each and every one of our diamond rings is graded on cut, carat, clarity and colour by a trained expert. Our team is on hand to explain the meaning of each of these characteristics and discuss the details of the diamond ring you choose. Your ring purchase will also be accompanied by an official diamond certification outlining all grading information for additional peace of mind and which may be necessary in the future or for insurance purposes. 

Book a Consultation

Whether you require further information about our engagement ring collection, want to enquire about customising a design, or are ready to take the next step in your relationship with a ring from Rocks, our team is on hand to help you with it all. 
Simply, visit us in-store, or book a safe and confidential consultation with our experts today. All consultations are free of charge and are offered on a non-obligatory basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that shopping for an engagement ring can be a daunting experience and you will likely have many questions before settling on your perfect piece. To help you on your way, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team, who will be happy to help.

What is the difference between earth mined and laboratory grown diamonds?

Earth mined diamonds are those that have been formed naturally, deep within the earth’s crust. Through the planet’s natural movements and process, these are then forced closer to the surface and mined. Laboratory grown diamonds are formed using the same extreme, high pressure and temperature conditions, but in a controlled laboratory setting.

Are engagement rings covered on home insurance?

This depends on the specific terms of your policy. In some cases, home insurance policies do cover rings lost or damaged in a certain way, or that are of a particular value. Others offer extensions or add-ons to policies that specifically cover engagement rings. It is always recommended you speak to your home insurance provider first.

Can I design my own ring?

At Rocks Jewellers, we offer bespoke ring design services, whereby you can customise a ring from our current collection, or speak to our experts about creating a design more personal to you. Simply, book a consultation and we’ll do what we can to accommodate.

Are your diamonds certified?

Each and every one of our engagement ring diamonds has been certified and graded on cut, carat, colour and clarity. Certifications are conducted by independent bodies, including the GIA, IGI and HRD, or our own trained diamond graders.

What are the 4Cs?

The 4Cs comprises cut, colour, carat and clarity, providing a universally accepted model for evaluating the quality and value of a diamond. The model was originally created by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), but is now used across the globe, ensuring standard and consistent diamond certifications.

What is diamond colour?

Part of the 4C diamond grading scale, colour refers to the presence of a yellow or brown hue in a diamond. Although to the naked eye, traditional diamonds appear colourless, a trained specialist will be able to assess whether other minerals or elements have interfered with the diamond during the formation process and changed its colour. The presence of colour can impact the fire of the diamond, which is why colourless, or those closest to being colourless, are the most desirable types of stone. Colour is graded on a scale of D - Z, with D being colourless.

What is diamond cut?

Cut refers to the way in which a diamond has been shaped. There are a range of cuts to choose from, including round, oval, emerald, cushion, pear, princess, marquise and more. The cut plays a significant role in a diamond’s brilliance, as expert craftsmen will determine the cut that will enable the best interaction with light for each individual diamond.

What is diamond clarity?

Whether natural or lab grown, diamonds are rarely flawless, and the clarity is what assesses how close or far they are from it. Clarity is divided into six categories and 11 specific grades, starting at flawless (FL) and ending at included (I3), meaning inclusions and imperfections are obviously present and impact the brilliance and transparency of the diamond.

What is diamond carat weight?

The diamond carat refers to the weight of the stone, and is therefore a measurement of its size. While larger diamonds do tend to be more desirable, their value is dependent upon all 4Cs, rather than carat alone.

Can engagement rings be resized?

Yes, engagement rings can be resized in most cases. Although it is always recommended that you buy the right fitting ring, we understand that in some instances, for surprise proposals for example, accurate measurements are not always possible. For more advice on ring measurements and resizing, get in touch with our team.

Can engagement rings be returned if they are not suitable?

At Rocks, we offer a 14 day cooling off period for all engagement ring purchases. This means that if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it to us in-store or via post. The ring must be unworn and remain in its original condition, including all packaging materials. You can read our full returns policy here.

Can engagement rings have coloured stones?

Yes, engagement rings are available with coloured stones. These can include fancy diamonds, such as yellow diamond engagement rings, right through to precious gemstone styles with sapphires, rubies, emeralds and more.

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