Laboratory Grown Diamonds

'Lab Grown' Diamonds or 'Laboratory Grown' Diamonds are beautiful and affordable diamonds.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds are grown in a laboratory environment however they are identical to natural diamonds in their appearance and composition. A diamond seed is placed in a chamber and enormous pressure, heat and gases are applied. This environment is mimicking the conditions in nature that result in carbon crystallizing into diamond.

Just like natural diamonds no two Lab Grown diamonds are alike. Each is unique and one of a kind. Each having a grading on their own Colour, Clarity & Cut. Same sparkle just a different origin. Lab Grown Diamonds are cut and polished just like earth mined diamonds. The cutter will figure out the best possible shapes of the diamond in order to minimize waste and maximize the yield of the rough stone. Laboratory Grown Diamonds are then independently graded just like the earth mined diamonds and receive a full report on it's characteristics.

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Laboratory diamonds replicate the natural process by crystallizing carbon into brilliant diamonds that are chemically, optically and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds, but can cost up to 50% less. At Rocks Jewellers we can now offer our customers Lab Grown Diamonds as an alternative to earth-mined diamonds.

Each laboratory-created diamond is grown by placing a diamond ‘seed’ into a chamber of heat and pressure. This chamber mimics the natural growing process. Crystallization occurs allowing the lab-grown diamond to mature over a period of time. It is then cut, polished and graded by the same world-renowned labs that certify earth-mined diamonds.