Halo or No Halo – Which Should You Choose?

Halo engagement rings are dear to the bridal world. Their brilliance and sparkle create a lively centre stone and make a ring shine beautifully. They have been the most popular setting for brides-to-be for some years now and there is no indication of that changing. 

The design typically features a central stone surrounded by a collection of smaller diamonds to create a halo-like effect. The central stone can be anything from a diamond to a precious gemstone such as sapphire, emerald and ruby to name a few. 

They are hugely popular because the halo can make the centre diamond appear larger than it is, without having a significant impact on the budget. Therefore, if size matters, a halo engagement ring can do wonders and might just be the style for you.

However, many are seeking alternative styles for an engagement ring that are more unique and individual. With this in mind, we have listed some popular alternatives for the alternative bride. 


The solitaire is the embodiment of ‘more is less,’ and refers to a diamond setting whereby just one single diamond is mounted onto a ring. As well as its timeless and minimal style, there are an abundance of reasons one may opt for a solitaire engagement ring. For example, there is an opportunity to make your engagement truly your own as you have several cuts to choose from, and each can be beautifully showcased in a brave solitaire setting. Designs are available in everything from round, oval, princess, cushion, emerald and much more, with each possessing its own unique properties.

The solitaire is a design that promises to remain stylish and timeless no matter how many years pass and so is ideal for those women who love all things minimalist and a clean aesthetic. A great solitaire engagement ring is this classic round brilliant style. This elegant design holds the beautiful diamond securely and allows greater exposure to light with its 4-claw setting; thus maximising its brilliant shine. A stunning ring to be worn every day for the rest of your life.

Double halo 

Similar to the halo, but twice as grand. The double halo is double the fun and features two layers of smaller diamonds around a centre stone. The style is more than ideal for those who want an engagement ring that stands out. It’s beauty will catch the light at every angle, creating both flash and fire for a statement style to be adored forever.

For example, this beautiful oval cut diamond halo on an 18ct white gold ring, consists of 42 diamonds in the double halo, and 10 diamonds on the shoulders. It’ll be quite hard for anyone to take their eyes off this breathtaking ring! 


Cluster settings offer a unique look to your engagement ring, filled to the brim with dimension and texture. The optical illusion of the clustered setting gained its popularity during the renaissance period and 18th century for its feminine floral-inspired design. It’s certainly a must-have for anyone who adores dainty florals and femininity in their jewellery. 

Due to its unique shape, the cluster ring also carries a desirable antique and vintage look, and so make for an ideal engagement ring to proudly pass down through generations of marital bliss.

What’s more, by grouping together smaller diamonds, the cluster will cater to the non-traditional and unique bride-to-be, and is a great way to incorporate sentimental stones such as birthstones or heirlooms, to showcase your own unique history and love story. For example, this oval sapphire cluster engagement ring features a vivid blue sapphire as the centre stone, and is surrounded by diamonds, set on an 18ct white gold ring. A truly striking and vintage design that would please all. 


Hidden halo 

A hidden halo is a truly unique ring of choice and a modern take on a traditional design. It’s hard to notice the halo design on this ring unless looking from a side view, which is a design effect to accentuate the precious centre stone. The design of the hidden halo makes the centre appear up to 15% larger than it is by raising the diamond on a platform of even more diamonds to allow it to shine centre stage.

Its brilliance does not stop there, as the hidden halo can work with any shaped diamond so you can adapt your ring to suit the setting and your personal preference. Due to the versatility of this design, its popularity is ever growing and will surely make its mark with the bride-to-be that wants her engagement ring to go against the grain and have people talking. 

Pavé ring  

A pavé engagement ring is a beautiful style option for many personalities. The setting refers to a ring in which the shank is lined with small diamonds held in place with metal prongs or beads to create the illusion of a continuous line of small diamonds. This helps create extra sparkle to the engagement ring whilst also emphasising the brilliance of the centre diamond. 

The style can adapt to a lot of different ring types, whether you’re searching for a vintage-inspired design or something contemporary, you’ll be able to find a ring right for you. Opting for a pavé setting will ensure your ring has extra personality whilst also showcasing your brilliant diamond. 

While these beautiful styles will be fit for any type of woman wanting to opt against a halo, there is still something captivating about the classic. It will likely be timeless forever as the design has reigned supreme for so long, however alternative styles like the ones mentioned are attracting more and more interest by the day. 

It is clear that engagement rings must be personal to the individual and evoke sentiment and love in the way that you choose fit. So, halo or no halo? It certainly comes down to personal preference and we imagine you’ll know when you find the right one as it will be love at first sight.

Shop our latest collection of engagement rings for styles mentioned above, and much more. If you require further assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team of advisors so we can make this special moment as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

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