What Engagement Rings Sparkle the Most?

When we refer to the sparkle of any engagement ring, we are looking at the brilliance of your diamond. While every diamond will sparkle in certain light, there are some that will shine brighter than others and this is down to their specific cut, shape and facets. 

This is because a diamond's ability to sparkle depends on how much light it takes in, and then disperses out towards the eyes of whoever is gazing upon it. For this reason, diamonds have facets cut into them as each facet behaves as a mirror, reflecting light from one part of the diamond to another, before dispersing it out of the diamond to create that all important sparkle. Therefore, the more light the diamond reflects from its facets, the more brilliance it possesses. 

Many times, a diamond will be purposely cut to have the optimum amount of facets so that it can give off the most light reflection and therefore brilliance, however some can still shine beautifully even when possessing fewer facets. Read on to discover exactly which engagement rings sparkle the most.

The engagement rings with the most brilliance are: 

  1. Round brilliant cut 
  2. Princess cut 
  3. Cushion cut
  4. Oval cut 
  5. Pear cut 

Round brilliant cut 

The round brilliant cut has long been the go-to for brides-to-be seeking an engagement ring with maximum sparkle. Round brilliant diamonds are cut to have 58 facets to allow light to enter the stone and reflect off of all 58 facets to create dazzling sparkle. 

The cut was designed and engineered for the sole purpose of showcasing the strongest sparkle of all diamond cuts. Therefore, if you're determined to have an engagement ring that will dazzle the masses, the round brilliant cut is the shape you’ll want. 

For example, a round brilliant solitaire engagement ring in white gold will shine bright forever. This style will forever be the most classic and popular for good reason. The beautifully delicate setting allows for the diamond to absorb and reflect back the maximum light, and paired with a dainty ring, the diamond will appear dominant and pronounced. 

What’s more, you’ll find the round brilliant cut can be maximised further by adding extra features such as a halo or double halo. The shape of the diamond pairs perfectly with this design feature and will ensure your diamond is as glamorous as possible, creating epic sparkle. Such as with this 18k white gold round brilliant cut diamond with a double halo. The double halo creates a beautiful frame around the round brilliant diamond to increase the look of the diamond so that it dazzles twice as much. 

Princess cut

Princess cut diamond engagement rings are unique in every way. Unlike most other square shaped stones, princess cut stones possess a level of brilliance that is reminiscent of traditional round designs, and so of all angular stone styles, princess cut diamonds are by far the most brilliant and sparkly.

This modern cut is gaining huge popularity. The stone of a princess cut will usually have between 50 to 58 facets, and most of these lie on the pavilion and crown portion of the stone, with a few on the girdle. What gives the princess cut so much sparkle is its two chevron patterns, which are cross patterns that can be seen when viewing the diamond from above. 

When a diamond has this, it is able to reflect bolder flashes of white and coloured light. What’s more, the sharpness of the shape also adds a fiery aspect to the stone, combining to create a design that is timeless and current. Today, the princess cut is globally recognised as the runner-up to the round brilliant and for those who want an engagement ring with a sparkly edge, you’ll surely be taken with it.

Furthermore, three stone princess cut rings are a highly popular choice for those who want a design that is simple, yet incredibly effective. Three princess cut diamonds on a sophisticated 18ct white gold ring creates a design where the brilliance of each diamond is truly enhanced, particularly when paired with the bright reflective surface of the white metal ring. 

Alternatively, you can choose to add a halo to your princess cut. The diamond halo detail helps to enhance the size of the central princess cut diamond, creating a ring with even more sparkle for a guaranteed statement. Rings can also feature diamond shoulders to maximise sparkle. 

Cushion cut

For centuries, the cushion cut has been a popular style for diamond engagement rings as it is the cut that possesses the most fire. Fire is how white light is dispersed into rainbow colours when reflected off the stones' many facets. Therefore, a cushion cut diamond engagement ring is whimsical and charming, which explains why they remain the go-to choice for any woman seeking sparkle that is a little out of the ordinary. 

The cushion cut is characterised by its squared shape and rounded corners, which resemble a pillow and how it earned its name. With high levels of brilliance and fire, the cut combines classic fashion with a modern flair, and as a result, is rising in popularity.

You’ll certainly be taken with this beautifully intricate cushion cut halo ring that ticks all the boxes. The cushion halo brings a subtle contrast to the ring and creates a wonderful spread across the finger. The white gold setting perfectly complements the yellow gold ring to add depth of colour and interest to the overall design.

Oval cut

The oval cut shape was designed in the 1960s to optimise the carat weight of a diamond. This was done by giving the diamond a greater, stretched out surface area so it would appear bigger than a round brilliant diamond of the same weight, but for a fraction of the price. Due to the brilliant cut style of the oval diamond, they are great at hiding inclusions, meaning you have much more flexibility on the clarity scale for this shape. 

There are 56 facets on an oval cut diamond, which allows the centre stone to show off fantastic brilliance and fire, making it a great choice visually, and also for your budget. The delicate elongated shape of the cut, paired with its brilliance and narrowing effect, create a coveted diamond shape that is highly sought after. With an oval cut, you’ll be able to make your diamond look up to half a carat size bigger so you don’t have to compromise on sparkle, even when on a budget.

For example, a beautifully balanced oval cut halo engagement ring creates a stunning spread across the finger. Opting for a contrasting yellow gold for the ring offers warmth and a special sparkle to the diamonds, too. 

Pear cut 

Also referred to as the tear drop cut, the pear cut is often chosen for its striking appearance with soft and hard edges. The unique shape is said to symbolise tears of joy, and its distinctive silhouette is guaranteed to catch attention. 

The pear cut perfectly blends the best of the round brilliant and marquise cut to create a charming and graceful shape to the diamond that tapers to a soft point. A typical pear shaped diamond will feature 58 facets which allow it to take in and reflect a huge amount of light The diamond is faceted to show off its brilliance as it allows light to dance through the iconic shape, intensifying that all important sparkle. Because of its extended shape, the pear cut diamond will look larger than a round diamond as it is actually 80% larger on the top surface. 

For example, this platinum ring with a pear cut vivid yellow diamond centre is surrounded by a stunning halo of diamonds for intense sparkle. The golden yellow centre diamond adds a touch of luxury to your engagement ring and is amplified by the silver colour ring and dazzling white diamonds. 

Alternatively, this oval and pear three stone ring takes on a unique approach to the pear cut and will appeal to the bride who dares to be different. Featuring an 18ct white gold ring with an oval cut centre diamond, flanked by two pear cut diamonds, this striking and unique three stone ring is mesmerising and brings in all the best sparkle from the two cuts. 


Do lab grown diamonds sparkle? 

With lab-grown diamonds on trend and rising in popularity, many are concerned whether they have the same sparkle as a naturally mined diamond. In short, the answer is absolutely yes. With a combination of high pressure and high temperature, lab produced diamonds are made to be physically, chemically and optically the same as a mined diamond. Because they have the exact same chemical composition, rest assured your lab grown diamond will possess the same brilliance and fire as a natural diamond, so you can enjoy your diamond engagement ring knowing you have not compromised your sparkle. 

If you require further assistance in choosing the right engagement ring for you or your partner, or you wish to know more about our lab grown diamonds, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team of advisors. We are happy to answer all your questions and queries.

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