Engagement Ring Trends to Look Out for in 2022

With a new year closing in, 2022 sets to bring new energy, new resolutions and new trends. The bridal world is readying itself for exciting new engagements. And with engagements comes engagement rings. 

To ensure you find the right ring for yourself or your partner, we have compiled a list of trends set to soar in 2022 and beyond. With all the right information, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the crowd and find the right engagement ring that is symbolic of your unique love. Read on to discover the five engagement ring trends brides-to-be will be following… 

1) Lab grown diamonds 

Laboratory grown diamonds are as hot as ever at the moment, and there is no chance of that changing coming into the new year. Lab grown diamonds possess all of the same desirable qualities and characteristics as an earth minded natural diamond, with the one difference being that they are created in a controlled laboratory setting. 

Lab grown diamonds have also taken the celebrity and royal world by storm, seen on actors such as Penelope Cruz, Emma Watson and Meghan Markle. It’s no wonder they’ve made such a mark in the bridal industry. 

What’s more, they are ideal for any buyer and budget, as well as being the more sustainable choice. So not only are they on-trend style-wise, but they are also making headlines with environmental trends. There is no doubt laboratory diamonds are here to stay.

2) Double halo 

The double halo will certainly be having its moment in 2022. Whereas once the halo reigned supreme, 2022 will see some changes as the double halo is a growing trend for its unique and different design. 

The double halo has proved popular with those wanting to maintain a tighter budget but don’t want to compromise on size and impact. With the double halo, you can choose a smaller centre diamond for your engagement ring, and make it appear larger with the design of the two halos that surround your stone. Many are catching onto this little trick, as it is a great way to adapt your ring to your budget and add extra sparkle to your diamond.

3) Oval cut 

The oval cut has never really had a dull moment with brides-to-be. It was designed to optimise the carat weight of a diamond. They feature no sharp points and give the diamond a greater, stretched out surface area, allowing it to appear bigger than a round brilliant diamond of the same weight.

Its sustained popularity is rightly received and most recently, was seen adorned on the finger of Kourtney Kardashian. The facets of the oval cut are designed to create brightness and fire to the stone, with its elongating shape flattering the hand of its wearer. It has captured the spotlights of many brides-to-be past, present and undoubtedly, future. 

4) Sapphires 

Gen z has brought with them the revival of the birth sone, and with a younger generation having a fresh perspective on marriage, unique styles follow.

However, sapphires are not new to the bridal world. Following her engagement to Prince Charles, Princess Diana sported the now infamous blue sapphire engagement ring, and most recently it is tied to Kate Middleton. Since the release of Netflix's The Crown, and film Spencer, younger generations have been reminded of the sapphire's beauty and are following suit by incorporating the design into their own engagement rings. They make a beautiful choice for an engagement ring stone for the bride-to-be wanting to stand out, and also very fitting as they are a symbol of love and commitment. 

5) Vintage rings 

Vintage style engagement rings have been sought after by many for years, but nothing has prepared us for the surge they’ll see in 2022. With the rise in luxury resale, thanks to sustainable shopping concepts, many are taking the time to reflect on the environmental impact shopping has. Buying pre-owned is now in, and there’s no chance of that dwindling. 

What’s more, individuals are also beginning to get old rings, diamonds and gemstones redesigned into a new, bespoke ring, giving them the perfect blend of past and present. We can certainly appreciate and champion this trend and will be happy to see it continue on into the future.

You can shop all the latest engagement ring trends at Rocks Jewellers, for styles that will see you through your marital years and beyond. Shop now for beautifully crafted engagement rings, in different cuts, carats and designs. If you require further assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team of advisors so we can make this special moment as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. 

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