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Explore our collection of diamond cluster engagement rings for an extraordinary style ring. Cluster settings form the appearance of a larger stone by grouping smaller diamonds together to create a stunning spread across the finger. Dubbed the illusion style ring, the cluster setting creates a WOW ring without the added expense.

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Sara Turner

Judith was so amazing at helping my partner choose an engagement ring for me. They even got the size perfect! Judith was also so helpful after I got the ring by telling me about how to care for it & all the services that Rocks offer with cleaning & serving it to make sure the diamond is secure. I would definitely recommend Judith to anyone. She was very patient with all my questions & eased all my anxiety around wearing such a fab piece everyday like about how to insure it & when to resize it if I needed. She was amazing

Liam Purcell

We had a fantastic experience with Rocks. The staff across their locations in Stillorgan and Grafton Street were great and enabled us to find the perfect ring for us. Jean was our attendant and she was very informative, provided great advice and was very warm and friendly throughout. We couldn't have asked for better customer service... I guess you could say Jean ROCKS!

Thank you Jean and thank you Rocks for everything, I would recommend to anyone and everyone looking for fine quality jewellery and model customer service!

Kev Dowling

Absolutely phenomenal service - Eimear went above and beyond in ensuring the whole experience was exceptional. Couldn't recommend them highly enough, wonderful!

Evelyn Whyms

We dealt with Carol in Rocks on Grafton St. She was extremely helpful and gave us lots of time. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rocks to anyone. My ring was resized within an hour. We will be back for wedding bands!

About cluster engagement rings

Cluster engagement rings offer a unique look full of dimension and texture which gives the illusion of a larger centre stone. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for a lower cost option to purchasing a larger diamond. By clustering together smaller diamonds, the ring often forms a geometric shape like a square, flower or starburst, and so rightfully, they receive plenty of attention.

The optical illusion of a clustered setting gained its popularity during the renaissance and made its mark during the 18th century for its feminine floral inspired design. Due to their unique shape, cluster rings tend to carry an antique and vintage feel, especially if you choose a coloured centre stone. They are ideal for a ring that can be proudly passed down through generations.

Why choose a cluster engagement ring?

An alternative to the traditional solitaire style setting, cluster engagement rings take a more holistic approach to that all important sparkle and shine.

Cluster engagement rings come in many variations. They cater to the bride wanting something non-traditional and unique, as well as those wanting to embody the vintage Edwardian history of the cluster setting. The cluster ring is also a nice way to incorporate sentimental stones like birthstones or heirloom stones to showcase your own unique journey and love story.

Unlike other engagement rings, cluster settings can be curated without the need of a headliner stone. The added stones play the role of supporting artists to your showpiece and do wonders for the general beauty of the ring. This allows each bride-to-be to show off her creativity and personality in a way that only the cluster ring allows.

Which cluster engagement ring is right for you?

For those wanting to maximise their budget, this emerald and diamond cluster ring is unlike any other. Emeralds date back to Egypt almost three billion years ago, where they were believed to stand for fertility and rebirth. They are also 20 times rarer than diamonds making them one of the most desirable stones out there.

Alternatively, for the bride who wants a feminine style, this diamond flower cluster ring is the perfect choice. This striking ring is crafted in gorgeous platinum with a glittering appearance. It features a classic round brilliant centre stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds that appear like delicate petals around your stone for a dazzling daisy look.

Not one for ostentation? The Madeyln is a remarkable 18k white gold round brilliant cut diamond cluster ring. The rounded pavé adorned shoulders cascade softly from the centre cluster of diamonds for a look of understated elegance. This ring is also available as a bespoke ring which can be curated to fit your individual needs.

By choosing a cluster engagement ring, you can guarantee you will step away from tradition while retaining all the elegance you want from an engagement ring. Browse our full collection of diamond cluster engagement rings online today. 

Financing options

We offer HUMM Financing on all your purchases over €1000. Spread the cost over 2 or 3 years with very little deposit and great interest rates.

Financing options

We offer HUMM Financing on all your purchases over €1000. Spread the cost over 2 or 3 years with very little deposit and great interest rates.

Financing options

We offer HUMM Financing on all your purchases over €1000. Spread the cost over 2 or 3 years with very little deposit and great interest rates.