What's the Difference Between a Promise Ring & Engagement Ring?

So, you’re torn between buying a promise ring or an engagement ring for your significant other. But, what is the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring? We are here to settle the age-old debate and ensure that you get clear and well-informed information so you can finally make the right decision when choosing between buying a promise ring or an engagement ring. 

To do so, we’re going to break down the significant similarities and differences between the two rings and explain why one may be better suited to you over the other. Read on to discover more.

What is the significance of a promise ring?

A promise ring holds a whole plethora of significance, making it ideal for a number of situations and reasons. Oftentimes, couples choose to wear a promise ring as a way to display their commitment to one another and the relationship, almost as a pre-engagement, when the timing for an actual engagement may not be quite right due to certain circumstances. 

However, there are a whole host of other situations where a promise ring is also significant. For example, a promise ring is a great way for couples in long distance relationships to show each other they are faithful to the relationship even though there is a large distance between them. They’re also a beautiful way to mark a significant milestone in a relationship such as an anniversary, or a way to remember a special moment you shared together. 

This is not to say that promise rings are exclusively for those in romantic relationships. They are just as wonderful to be given to best friends as a way to showcase your lifelong friendship. However, whatever the reason, as long as it makes sense to you and your relationship, your promise ring will always have significance. 

When should you give a promise ring?

There is no right or wrong time to give someone you care about a promise ring. We do advise, however, that if you’re in a committed romantic relationship and choose to give a promise ring to your partner, do ensure you make the intention of the ring's significance clear so there is no mistaking it for an engagement ring. 

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a promise ring?

Though there are many differences between an engagement ring and a promise ring, the fundamental similarity between the two is that they both symbolise a promise. The promise is unique to the relationship and what makes the promise ring so versatile and all-encompassing. 

To understand which is right for you, the main thing to keep in mind is that an engagement is historically recognised as a promise to engage in marriage, whereas a promise ring can also showcase commitment, just without the promise of marriage. So, if you are unsure, just think about what it is you want to imply when you give either ring. 

How much should you typically spend on each?

Generally, a promise ring will cost less than an engagement ring as they usually consist of a simpler design and an understated look. An engagement ring can vary in price vastly depending on the stone you choose, the cut, setting and metal choice. However, many promise rings will allow customisation so it entirely depends on your stylistic choices and design preferences that will influence how much you will spend on either a promise or engagement ring.

Stacking your rings 

Many individuals will want to stack all their wedding jewellery which can include their promise ring, engagement ring and wedding ring all on one finger. This is entirely possible and should be something you lead with when it comes to choosing the design of each ring. 

Stacking your rings in this way is becoming increasingly common and is a great way to switch out different rings day-to-day. You can create your own unique stack by experimenting with different metals and stones, or opt for something more streamlined. 

There are certain rings that are better for stacking than others, for example, a marquise or pear-shaped ring will suit a downward pointed wedding ring, and then a classic style promise ring at the bottom of the stack. Or, you can opt for a solitaire or halo engagement ring with a curved wedding ring and then a classic style promise ring. 

By now you should have all the necessary information you need to make your decision so you can buy your perfect ring with a clear intention. 

You can browse our wedding rings, engagement rings, and promise rings online to find your perfect stack. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our experts for more advice on stacking your rings, or to simply answer any questions or queries you have in regards to our jewellery collection.

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