The Beauty of a Ballerina Ring

Delicate and unique, ballerina rings are cluster rings designed to look like the tutus worn by ballerinas. Distinctive and indicative of their era, ballerina rings are decadent and elegant – and indeed a statement piece. They are still widely made and often feature in estate and antique jewellery sales due to their overwhelming popularity. Ballerina rings are a staple for any vintage jewellery collector.

ballerina vintage ring

Inspired by the shape of a ballerina’s tutu, ballerina rings often simulate the flowing movement of a ballerina dancing. They feature a central stone, or cluster of stones, surrounded by a halo of baguette gemstone or diamonds. Baguette cut diamonds are the most often used as their sparkle adds an extra level of drama to the ring.
The baguette stones surrounding the center stone usually undulate to mimic the movement of a tutu, and it is thought the idea was to portray what a ballerina might look like from above. 
The style has evolved over time which means this Ballerina style has changed too - there are many versions being created including oval, pear and emald cut centre diamonds. The results is spectacular.
Despite their popularity, it isn’t known who first designed the ballerina ring. During the 30s, 40s, and the Golden Age of Hollywood, jewellery design became much bolder tand adventurous than before. Pieces were crafted to be more eye-catching and dramatic. Whilst there may have been some predecessors in this era, the ballerina ring itself was invented in the 1950s and soared to popularity in the decades that followed.

It isn’t known who designed the iconic ballerina ring, they were popular amongst some of the most prestigious jewellery houses in the 1950s. The skill in creating a ballerina ring involved meticulous precision and care in the cutting and placing of the gemstones and diamonds. The placement of the diamonds and gemstones have to work together in perfect harmony in order to create the Ballerina illusion. 
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Circa 1970s

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