Three Stone vs Solitaire Engagement Rings

Searching for the perfect engagement ring takes masses of time and effort. The pressure to make the right choice can feel monumental, however, if you’ve found yourself on this blog post it’s because you’ve now narrowed the choice down to two - the iconic three stone and the classic solitaire. 

Both the three stone and solitaire are popular choices but luckily, they are incredibly different. Each is very distinct and holds its own symbolism and significance in the engagement ring world, meaning there may be one that will be better suited to your partner’s preferences and taste. 

To ensure you make the right choice, we’re about to tell you all you need to know about three stone and solitaire engagement rings, so you should be closer to making your decision by the time you’re finished reading.

What is a three stone engagement ring?

A three stone engagement ring is a ring that features three stones where typically, one large centre stone is set between two smaller ones on either side. However, today, it is possible to find designs that feature three stones of the same size, and experiment with different colour pairings and stone types too. 

The style of the three stone has been around for decades however it had a huge revival during the early 2000’s when the ring was positioned as a way to symbolise a couple's past, present and future love and life together. Since then, the three stone ring has had huge mass appeal, influencing Meghan Markle’s own engagement ring. 

The romantic symbolism is just one reason to choose a three stone engagement ring. Another includes the wide range of designs available in the style. In collections, you can find a variety of cuts in the three stone style including round brilliant, oval, cushion, princess and pear-shaped to name a few. What’s more, you can choose between 18ct yellow, white rose gold and platinum rings to ensure you find a ring that is well-suited to your style, whether that be modern, vintage or classic. 

What is a solitaire engagement ring?

A solitaire engagement ring is where one single diamond is mounted onto the ring. Although this may seem like a restriction, it’s actually a great opportunity to make your ring your own by opting for styles, shapes and cuts that suit your unique preferences. 

This incredibly simple design promises to remain stylish and timeless, no matter the evolving trends and time that goes by. So, for those who desire classic, traditional and timeless jewellery, a solitaire ring is truly the way to go. 

Solitaire ring collections can feature designs with additional alluring details such as diamond set shoulders. With styles available in yellow, white, rose gold and platinum, brides-to-be can rest assured that they can find their dream ring in this incredibly diverse setting style. 

Three stone vs solitaire: which should you choose?

To help you determine which type of ring might be best for you or your partner, we’ve summarised the similarities and differences between the two styles in the table below. 


Three Stone



Three stones aligned on the ring. Can be one larger stone with two smaller stones on either side or three stones of the same size.

One large stone at the centre of the ring.


Can be adapted to look modern, classic and vintage depending on gemstone cut and colour.

Classic and timeless.


Needs to be closely inspected to ensure stones and their crevices are clean and intact.

May be susceptible to chips or knocks due to being one solitary stone.


Believed to represent the past, present and future of a relationship, as well as friendship, love and fidelity.

Most recognisable engagement ring style and is most associated with the occasion. 


Makes a sparkly impact.

Unmistakable as an engagement ring and timeless appeal.

Made up of 

3 diamonds or gemstones.

One single diamond or gemstone.


Can maximise sparkle within your budget.

Can cost more if you’re wanting a large, impactful diamond.

Pairs well with 

All gemstones, diamonds and metal types.

All gemstones, diamonds and metal types.


Most three stone and solitaire engagement rings are designed to last a lifetime, however, you may find yourself better suited to one more than the other depending on your daily activities and lifestyle. For example, a three stone ring requires maintenance of three stones as opposed to the one of a solitaire to ensure the stones are securely set. However, they are typically held in place firmly due to being closer to the metal of the ring. Therefore, they will suit those who live quite active lifestyles and want to enjoy their ring at all times. 

Alternatively, the solitaire may be more susceptible to chips and knocks with it being an exposed single stone, and so those who live a very hands-on life may find they need to be more mindful of their jewellery as opposed to someone who is less so. 

With all this in mind, engagement rings are designed to be durable and as life-proof as possible, though it is always recommended that you remove your engagement ring before any intense or hands-on activity or exercise to ensure your ring is always in its best condition. 


Despite an engagement ring's style, stone, cut or setting, the ring you choose will always be significant because it will forever symbolise the love you and your partner share. With either solitaire or three stone ring, you can ensure that they will add even greater significance due to their own unique symbolism.

As mentioned, a three stone ring has numerous meanings that make it so endearing and alluring to those who choose it. The three stones are signifiers of a couple's past, present and future, as well as their friendship, love and fidelity. A three stone engagement ring is then a beautiful reminder of your bond as a couple.

A solitaire ring will forever remain the classic engagement ring style. It is the ring style with the strongest association with engagements and a couple’s union and this style can be traced back all the way to ancient Rome. So, if tradition is your thing, then a solitaire ring is an unrivalled choice.

With a number of different meanings and interpretations, you can always find significance in either style of ring, making it easy to cherish your ring for years to come.


Budget often plays a significant factor when choosing an engagement ring. Many will look for a style that will give them the most sparkle for their budget, whereas others prefer to prioritise a certain metal. 

For those who want to gain the most sparkle from their diamond on a smaller budget, then a three stone ring could be for you. The three stone style allows you to choose smaller diamond carats to create an overall larger surface area of sparkle without having to choose one significantly large diamond. However, they can also be more expensive than solitaires simply because there is more than one diamond and also the size of the diamonds you choose.

Alternatively, a solitaire may be better for those with more to spend on a larger, impactful carat of diamond. The price will also be impacted by the metal type you choose. However, generally, there is likely to be a solitaire ring within a range of budgets. 

Types of three stone and solitaire engagement rings

There are three stone and solitaire engagement rings available in a wide selection of styles so you’re never short of options when it comes to finding that all-important ring. For the bride-to-be who seeks classic and timeless jewellery, this solitaire engagement ring in platinum with a 4-claw setting positioned at North, East, South, West points of the diamond is an elegant example of the solitaire’s lasting style. This setting holds the beautiful diamond securely and allows greater exposure to light; thus maximising its brilliant shine. 

Alternatively, for a bride-to-be with more of a modern sense of style, this oval and pear three stone engagement ring features an oval cut diamond centre stone and two pear cut diamonds on either side on an 18ct yellow gold ring. This ring is both striking and unique and would make a beautiful choice for someone looking for a ring that is slightly different from traditional styles.

Both styles are undeniably alluring in their own right and one can easily argue for either design and never find one that comes on top. Therefore, the final decision will come down to personal preference. 

If you want to take a look at either of these ring styles, you can browse our collections of three stone and solitaire engagement rings to find your perfect match.

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