Care Tips for Your Laboratory Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Advancing technology has allowed jewellers to mimic the natural process that occurs underneath the earth’s crust to create a diamond in a laboratory setting. With a combination of high pressure and high temperature, lab-produced diamonds can be made in a fraction of the time it takes for a natural diamond to grow, and are physically, chemically and optically the same as a mined diamond. 

The brilliance lies in the fact they are sustainable, are cultivated at a lower price point, and are intrinsically the same as earth mined diamonds. Because of this, lab grown diamond engagement rings have soared in popularity over the last few years, and are by far the more sustainable choice when purchasing a diamond. They have taken the world by storm, and especially the celebrity world. With stars such as Emma Watson, Penelope Cruz, and Meghan Markle all advocating for the lab grown diamond, it's no wonder they’re so popular in the bridal industry. 

However, because they are the same as natural diamonds, the same level of care and attention is required in order to keep their condition maintained for the years to come. For this reason, we have compiled a list of expert tips for you to follow to ensure your lab grown diamond lasts a lifetime of marital bliss. 



Cleaning tips:

It is of utmost importance that you care for and clean your engagement ring to ensure it retains all its brilliant sparkle and lustre. After all, it is symbolic of your love and devotion to your partner so you could definitely do without any unnecessary build-up in the setting which will eventually cause extensive damage to your stone. The following cleaning tips will help you avoid this:

1) Clean your ring at home

Begin your at-home cleaning process by adding a small amount of soap or mild cleaner to a bowl of warm water and soak your ring for 10-20 minutes or as long as needed. After you have left the ring to soak, take a soft cloth or tooth brush and gently scrub the diamond under some warm running water to get rid of any cloudy build-up. Be sure to get underneath the diamond too as build-up forms in this spot in particular. Repeat this process once or twice a month, or more if needed. You’ll be keeping your diamond in sparkling condition this way. 

2) Professional cleaning

Taking your ring for a professional clean is also a must. Whilst home cleaning is effective enough, it won’t compare to an expert service that will give your diamond a more thorough clean and inspection. Taking your ring for a professional clean every six months will ensure your ring is cleaned in those harder to reach or see parts that aren’t as easy to get to during your home cleaning process. At Rocks, we offer lifetime cleaning and check-ups, on a 6 monthly basis, with every ring purchased from us so that you can rest assured your diamond is never without proper care and maintenance.

3) Get a pre-wedding professional clean

When it comes to that all-important day, you’ll want to be shimmering and sparkling head to toe. Therefore, we highly recommend you get your ring a pre-wedding professional clean so that it can look its best on your big day. After all, pictures last forever, so you’ll want to look back on those special memories with fondness, knowing your diamond was sparkling from every angle. Booking in for a professional clean either a week or a few days before your wedding will be enough time to ensure your diamond is showcased in all its glory.

4) Polish the ring as well as the diamond for an overall shine

Cleaning the diamond is a priority, but that does not mean you should neglect the ring itself. By polishing both the metal and diamond, you give your ring the best chance of achieving maximum shine and sparkle. Because when your ring looks good, so will your diamond, and you’ll get to wear jewellery that you’ll be proud of. 



Storage tips:

If you’re choosing to not wear your engagement ring all the time, or if you need to pack it away for any reason, it's important that you correctly store your ring so that your diamond and ring don’t get damaged. To ensure this, the following should be done:

1) Store alone in a jewellery box, wrapped in soft cloth

By separating your engagement ring from other jewellery, you’ll prevent the ring from scratching against other metals and diamonds. Whilst your ring will be able to withstand a lot, they are not indestructible. So if you’re planning on transporting your ring, storing it alone in a soft cloth within its own box will stop it from knocking against other jewellery during any transportation. However, it’s wise to keep your ring in a cloth at any time it’s not being worn for a while as this will retain its quality and shine best. 

2) Keep ring dishes around the house so you can take it off and keep it safe

Keeping ring dishes at common places in the house, such as in bathrooms and by the kitchen sink will prevent you from losing or misplacing your ring. It’s also a great way to get into the habit of taking your ring off when washing your hands as this will prevent the ring from gaining any build-up or residue from soaps and moisturisers. It will also mean your ring is within your sight at all times at those moments you’re not wearing it. 

3) Remove and store at home, rather than in public or while travelling

When you have a busy day where you won’t be wearing your ring for long periods of time, such as an activity day, gym day, or similar, it’s best to keep your ring stored away at home in a safe place rather than removing it before you start your activity. Not only is it safer to keep such a prized possession at home, but it will mean you cancel out the chance of it going missing or stolen.



Financial tips: 

Your engagement ring is an investment that you will want to protect for as long as you live. To give you peace of mind, there are some financial tips that you should certainly consider to keep your investment safe:

1) Insure your ring

Insuring your ring will be a tip you won’t regret putting into action. Given the cost of your diamond engagement ring, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect it, and buying ring insurance does just that. Should anything happen to your ring - it gets damaged, lost, or stolen, insurance offers you peace of mind knowing you have some safeguarding and protection should any of those things happen. 

2) Buy within your budget

You can often get a lab grown diamond for a lower price than an earth mined one but don’t go overboard. You can consider using an interest-free finance option to pay in monthly instalments, which Rocks offers you to make sure that your ring won’t leave you high and dry financially, also whilst making sure you get the ring of your dreams in a way that suits you and your budget.

Remember, a lab grown diamond ring is just as much of an investment as a natural diamond ring, with sentimental value, and monetary investment. With great rings comes great responsibility, so be sure to look after yours so that it lasts a lifetime of love and happiness. 

If you require further assistance with your lab-grown diamond engagement ring, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team of advisors at Rocks Jewellers. We are happy to answer all your questions and queries.  

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