How to Pair Sapphire Rings with Other Stones

Rings are a staple in your jewellery collection. They're wearable, noticeable and interchangeable, making them perhaps the most resourceful jewellery you own. Current jewellery trends are turning towards more vibrant, stark and engaging rings, that reflect your personality and revive nostalgia. So, there's no wonder then that sapphire rings are once again resurging. 

The sapphire-effect captured a whole generation back in the 90’s with Princess Diana's eponymous deep, blue sapphire engagement ring that we now see the Duchess of Cambridge sporting. Now, a whole other generation is falling in love with sapphire jewellery but are wanting to integrate it into their style in a more current and modern way. 

Well, fret not, as we’re here to tell you that your sapphire ring is one of the most versatile rings to wear and can be styled with virtually every other stone colour. Read on to learn how to perfect the look. 

Why buy a sapphire ring?

Other than simply being a beautiful stone, the sapphire is historic and meaningful. While Diana’s sapphire matched her eyes, since ancient times, sapphires have been worn by generations to symbolise power and wisdom. They are also the second hardest substance on earth after diamonds, and so their durability makes them perfect for everyday wear and a great choice for engagement rings. 

It’s also next to impossible for a sapphire not to look good. Jewellery lovers gravitate to this gemstone for its incredible allure and deep blue hue that is both stylish and calming. Its tone allows it to pair well with every metal type and other stone colours, and it can be both a stand-out piece as well as a classic everyday ring. 

How to style your sapphire rings with other gemstones

Styling your sapphire rings will be easy and fun. There’s a great number of ways to make your sapphire jewellery work for you and your existing jewellery collection. Read on to discover how adaptable your sapphire rings can be for your personality and style:

Vintage and vibrant

When trying out a vintage aesthetic with your sapphire jewellery, we recommend opting for rings that have an Art Deco style to them as this will be very remnant of the 1920’s where sapphires were widely popular. 

Rings of this time were dainty and sparkly, often in eiter silver, white gold or yellow gold. Pairing your sapphire rings with other rings in this colour palette will help you achieve a vintage and vibrant look. We recommend green or yellow emeralds to really give the illusion that you’re wearing antique jewellery as these were also popular gemstones throughout the Art Deco period. 

Modern and contemporary

Be inspired by the Y2K style here and get experimental with stacking and mixing different stone colours. There’s rarely any rules when embracing the early 2000’s, it's all about what you feel in the moment. Try pairing your sapphire rings with gemstones such as emerald, yellow diamond, and opal for an eye-catching look, and also try different shapes and sizes for a multi layered and bespoke look. 

Stacking is also a great way to evoke the current trend cycle - simply layer plain rings under or on top of your rings to achieve this, and be sure you have some fingers bare and others more stacked than others so it looks more effortless and easy. 

Classic and clean 

One of the best ways to highlight the sapphire's rich colour is by paring back the rest of your jewellery and outfit and focusing on sleek and minimal tones. For example, if your sapphire ring is paired with silver, white gold or platinum, then match it with rings in the same colour palette as this so your sapphire ring really stands out in the most sophisticated way. We advise slim rings that have small white gemstones for a real focus on the sapphire ring. This is a great everyday look that can be worn from the office to cocktail hour and will always look classic.

Hopefully by now you’re feeling inspired and ready to start styling your sapphire rings. Now, browse our collection of sapphire jewellery online to help you achieve the exact look you’re going for.

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