Best wedding rings for emerald cut engagement rings

Emerald cut engagement rings are beautifully elegant, timeless and remnant of the enviable roaring 20’s. Their design is striking and alluring, and has been enticing brides-to-be for years. There’s no doubting the beauty of an emerald cut, and so ensuring your wedding ring showcases its wonder is a must. 

Read on to discover which wedding rings will suit your emerald cut engagement ring the best. 

What is an emerald cut engagement ring?

An emerald cut is amongst the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings. Its timeless, vintage-esque design is always guaranteed to make a statement and works incredibly well with all metal types and settings. 

What makes the emerald cut widely appreciated is its detailing that showcases clean lines and mirror-like effect from its 57 facets. Its elongated shape also gives the illusion of longer, slimmer fingers, making the wearer's hands look elegant all the time. What’s more, the 57 facets give off intense flashes of light due to its straight contours, making your ring commanding of all attention. 

Wedding rings for your emerald cut engagement ring 

The great thing about emerald cut engagement rings is that they offer tons of versatility, allowing you to experiment and choose a wedding set that is true to your style and personality. There are however, certain wedding ring styles that will really complement the unique facets and shapes of your emerald cut stone:


Otherwise known as infinity rings, eternity rings are the epitome of endless love and devotion. Couples often choose eternity rings as an alternative to wedding rings due to their deep, symbolic meaning and stunning, sparkly designs. Their origin can be traced as far back as Ancient Egypt, where they were given as symbols of love and to signify the cycle of life. In this way, they make great wedding rings. 

When paired with an emerald cut engagement ring, eternity rings look incredible. They leave a small gap between the high-set emerald cut stone, allowing for slight separation, but still make for a cohesive bridal set. 

Eternity rings also come in an array of styles, including metal types and gemstone settings, meaning you can go as sparkly as you like. You can also choose gemstone features that match or contrast against your emerald cut. For example, a yellow emerald cut diamond would work beautifully with an eternity ring that has white diamond features. Alternatively, a green emerald cut stone would pair perfectly with an eternity ring that has green gemstone features for a matching set. 

Half eternity 

Half eternity rings are a great alternative to full eternity rings as they give the illusion of being completely surrounded by diamonds, without the extra cost. Like the full eternity ring, half eternity rings will sit above, or below your engagement ring, leaving a small gap of skin. They are a great alternative for those who want subtle sparkle, but still want a wedding set that is radiant. It also allows the wearer to switch between the plain and sparkly side, simply by spinning the ring. Giving you more options for day-to-day wear. 


Pointed wedding rings are great for those who want a slightly more flushed looking wedding set. As the name dictates, a pointed wedding ring has a point in its centre to make room for the stone shape. They work great for emerald cuts as they shape to the stones contour. The ring still leaves for a slight separation, making it a great choice for those who want a cohesive look while also wanting to distinguish between the two rings. 

By now you should be more prepared in choosing the right wedding ring to suit your emerald cut engagement ring. There is no ‘best’ choice, as it is all down to personal preference and how you want to showcase your engagement and wedding ring. 

We always recommend trying on a few styles of wedding rings alongside your engagement ring in order to really find the best fit for you. Therefore, we’d be happy to welcome you to a free, no-obligation consultation in-store, where a member of the team will show you your options and let you try them on for size. Book an appointment online today. 

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