How to Find a Wedding Ring to Match Your Engagement Ring

You’ve finally found the perfect engagement ring and it’s shining proudly on your finger, and it feels like one long search has come to a perfect end. But now, you need to pick a wedding ring that is just as perfect as your engagement ring and one that can showcase each ring in all its glory. 

While you can sometimes find engagement rings that sell a matching wedding ring, most couples will usually set their sights on one at a time, first finding an engagement ring that satisfies all their needs, and then later search for a wedding ring together. So, when the time comes, it can often be difficult to find a wedding ring that can sit flush with your engagement ring if the stones are slightly unique or if the metal colour is bold. 

However, since both your wedding and engagement ring are likely to be worn together forever, you want to ensure this is a perfect marriage of jewellery, so read on to discover how to find a wedding ring to match your engagement ring.

Consider the metal 

Whilst tradition dictates that your wedding ring and engagement ring should be of the same metal, nowadays, rules like this rarely apply. You can create beautiful cohesion even if the metal choice is different on both rings, and in fact, mixing metals can give your wedding set a beautiful contemporary look. 

However, if you’re seeking continuity, then opting for the same metal choice will help achieve a seamless finish. You can get your wedding ring in any metal from white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, platinum or palladium - similar to any engagement ring. 

If you’re yet to choose an engagement ring and wedding ring, and you know you like a traditional look to your wedding jewellery, then opt for yellow gold. For a modern finish, platinum and white gold work extremely well, and for those who want an antique touch, then rose gold is ideal. 

Pick a wedding ring that leaves room for your stone

The shape of your engagement stone will dictate the shape of your wedding ring. The aim is to have your stone sit flush against the wedding ring, or as close as possible. If your engagement stone is set quite high, you can often get away with a classic wedding ring as it is unlikely to interfere with your gemstone. However, if your stone is set low and it is a unique shape such as a marquis or princess cut, then a classic wedding ring will sit further away from your engagement ring and leave a large, noticeable gap in place. 

There are several wedding ring styles to choose from that work well with specific gemstone cuts, when a classic wedding ring won’t do:


Contoured wedding rings are designed specifically to match the curve or contour of the gemstone in your engagement ring. It’s an ideal choice for stone settings that are low and you want your wedding ring to sit as flush as possible to your engagement ring. This shape works extremely well with pear cuts and round cuts, showcasing the shape of these stones beautifully. 


A pointed wedding ring is as described, a ring that has a slight point in the centre to leave room for the engagement ring stone. This wedding ring style is widely popular as it suits a wide array of stone cuts such as emerald, oval and marquise because it still leaves a slight separation between both rings. For those who want a cohesive look, but still want to distinguish the two rings, a pointed wedding ring is a great choice.


If contoured and pointed wedding rings aren’t what you’re looking for, then perhaps a notched wedding ring will be. The notched style is similar to the contour, but sits extremely flush to the stone. It allows your stone to sit snug and gives the illusion of a double-band ring. It works perfectly with round, princess and cushion cut stones.

Be consistent with style 

To really help your wedding ring match with your engagement ring, then it’s important to be consistent with the style of your ring. If your engagement ring has a vintage, modern, or classic look, then ensure your wedding ring also follows this aesthetic. 

For example, a white gold, oval cut engagement ring will pair best with a wedding ring that is also white gold. Again, if your engagement ring is a rose gold, pear cut diamond, then a wedding ring that is also rose gold will help to showcase the vintage look you’re aiming for. 

Of course, mixing metals can also be consistent with the style you’re trying to achieve if, say, your engagement ring is white gold with a marquise cut stone, then a pointed yellow gold ring with diamond features will look exquisite. 

Feeling more confident about building your perfect wedding set? Browse our wedding rings and engagement rings online to help inspire your decision. At Rocks Jewellers, we offer a 15% discount on wedding rings to couples who have also purchased an engagement ring from our collection. Get in touch to find out more.

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