January Birthstone - Garnet 

Different Coloured Garnet Gemstones | Rocks Jewellers Dublin


Those born in January are lucky enough to have Garnet as their birthstone. The name Garnet comes from the Latin word granatus, meaning pomegranate.  It is believed that the Garnet birthstone has the power to bring the wearer good health, wealth and happiness.

Garnet are recognised for its deep red colour, however they are available in a range of stunning colours. They can be found in sparkling yellow, vibrant green, fiery orange and tantalising pink. There are some Garnets that change colour from blue to purple in different lighting.

Garnet rank between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning that it is slightly more delicate and susceptible to scratching than a diamond. However, you can incorporate a garnet in you jewellery in a number of different ways.

If you are considering a garnet ring we would suggest using the garnet as accent stones. Alternatively you could have a Garnet solitaire in a bezel setting, this way you can still enjoy your birthstone without having to worry about any damage. 

With Garnet believed to bring love, health and loyalty to the wearer. Traditionally, married couples give their partners a Garnet gem on their second and eighteenth wedding anniversary, making the gemstone the perfect feature in an eternity ring

Earrings are a fantastic way to introduce Garnet’s in a jewellery collection. Garnet earrings are beautiful as a single stone earring or set as part of a cluster. They will add the perfect touch of colour. Similarly you can opt for a pendant.

If you are looking for your birthstone or giving a gift make sure to visit Rocks Jewellers Grafton Street or Rocks Stillorgan. Alternatively view the Rocks Gemstone Collection here: https://bit.ly/3oE3I55

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