Can You Tell The Difference Between Laboratory Grown & Mined Diamonds?

Many question if you can tell the difference between natural mined diamonds and lab grown diamond. The simple answer to this is NO.

The main difference between lab grown diamonds and minded diamonds is the way in which they are created. The process of creating a lab grown diamond replicates the exact process a natural diamond is created in the Earth’s mantle.

Natural and Lab grown diamonds cannot be differentiated by the naked eye as both types of diamonds have the same shine and sparkle.

Professional gemologists require specialised equipment and advanced gemological testing to differentiate between a natural mined diamond and a lab grown diamond.

Lab grown diamonds and natural mined diamonds undergo the same rigorous diamond grading process. Each are independently graded using the 4C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat. The top three cert houses are GIA, IGI and HRD.

Check out the Bella lab grown diamond ring and the Bella natural diamond rings and see if you can tell the difference.

Rocks Jewellers Lab Grown and Natural Oval Cut Diamond Solitaire Rings

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