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Everything you need to know about Wedding Rings

Everything you need to know about buying a wedding ring

Here is some valuable information to have at hand when deciding on your perfect Wedding Ring for your upcoming wedding. We will go through Metal options as well as some Style choices. Let us know if you have any queries, we would be happy to answer them for you.

yellow gold wedding ring options from Rock Jewellers Dublin


Yellow gold is a beautiful, distinctive option. This warm, alluring metal stands out against the sparkle of the diamonds, setting them apart from white metals. If you're looking for something that will be timeless with sentimental value attached to it then yellow gold jewellery is a perfect choice for your wedding day. 
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This distinct colour blends beautifully into many skin tones (especially Irish)and creates a unique look which is not achievable by other colours of jewellery making this metal very desirable. Rose Gold wedding rings have also become popular among brides to give their diamond engagement ring a warm glow from the tone of the metal. 
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rose gold wedding ring options from Rock Jewellers Dublin
white gold wedding ring options from Rock Jewellers Dublin


White gold diamond wedding rings are the perfect choice for a person who wants something modern and elegant. The light coloured metal allows the brilliance of your Diamonds to take center stage and puts all the attention on your stone. White Gold is surging in popularity again after a few years of taking the back seat to yellow & rose gold.
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Right now the trend amongst Engagement Rings is BLING.
Diamond halos and diamond shoulders are popular so this could be the perfect opportunity to balance this out with a beautifully crafted plain gold wedding band. Never underestimate the power of 'Less is More'. Plus you can wear it on it's own anytime or layer it with other rings easily.
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plain gold wedding ring options from Rock Jewellers Dublin
mixed metal wedding ring options from Rock Jewellers Dublin

Can't decide on the perfect metal choice? Chose them all.
We have noticed that mixing the metals is both beautiful and eye-catching. 
When you mix the metals of your rings it allows you wear other jewellery pieces more easily. You are restricted in the metal choices in the future and let's face it we always like to have multiple choices when it comes to jewellery.
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pave set diamond wedding ring ideas from rocks jewellers dublin

Pave diamonds are set within thin bars of precious metal. The crown of the diamond is level with the surface, this setting produces a “paved” look of pure sparkle and lasts for eternity. This look matches almost all engagement rings and compliments it perfectly.
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claw set diamond wedding ring ideas from rocks jewellers dublin

Claw settings are the epitome of a classic eternity style wedding ring. This 'claw' setting allows the diamonds to be accentuated and highlighted. This style of wedding ring can really add a wow factor the your engagement ring. It is also perfect to wear on it's own.
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channel set diamond wedding ring ideas from rocks jewellers dublin

Channel set wedding rings are a traditional, classic style that has been popular all through the years. The diamonds are securely set in tiny grooves on either side of the diamonds. This style can look stunning next to an alternative cut Diamond Engagement Ring like Oval or Emerald.
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bezel set diamond wedding ring ideas from rocks jewellers dublin

A bexel set wedding ring is when the metal encircles the diamonds at the sides. This leaves the the top of the diamond visible and the rest is safely nestled away. Definitely a great choice to create a unique look especially if paired with a different metal Engagement Ring.
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. Although in an ideal world we could what we want when we want we know that this is not reality. We need to take in to consideration the cost investment of the ring you are going to chose for your wedding day.
Yes, the price of precious metals is continuing to rise and of course this effects the price of our rings however budget should not restrict you from getting a ring that is absolutely perfect.
We have the ability to create your dream ring within your budget by amending certain elements of the ring like the carat weight, colour, clarity and type of diamond being used. All these factors affect the price so therefore we are confident that we can make some amendments to achieve your exact style but on budget.

Longevity. Will my wedding ring last forever? - Yes & No.
You precious ring is made by talented craftsmen and every care is taken to ensure the safety of your diamonds and the long term quality of your ring. However, through normal daily wear and tear you can expect, over time, that your ring will need expert love and care to bring it back to it's former glory.
At Rocks we have developed a care plan that ensures that your ring gets looked after periodically and it gives us a chance to spot any issues that could potentially arise before they become problematic. We invite all our Diamond customers to bring their ring for a complimentary clean and check every 6 months to ensure the wedding ring lasts a lifetime.

Insurance. Can I get insurance for my ring? Yes we can offer you an Insurance policy that will cover the ring from the moment you purchase it. After making such a significant purchase it makes sense to insures it so you aren't worried about it.

Financing. Weddings are expensive! We know that the costs of weddings are putting some strain on your finances so we have partnered up with HUMM Finance so you can spread the cost of your Wedding Ring over a period of time. It's very easy to use and with a lost interest rate it really is a smart option when the bills are rolling in. Take to us at your consultation and we can walk you through all the steps. Use the calculator to find out the costs.

Take a moment to see inside our store and see what Rocks is all about.

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