Why do we wear wedding rings?

So we get engaged with a beautiful ring which is usually a diamond or gemstome ring and we then start thinking about a wedding ring to compliment or match. But why do we wear wedding rings? What are their meaning and where did this tradition come from?

The tradition of exchanging rings during a wedding ceremony dates back to ancient times, with evidence of such customs found in cultures all over the world. One of the earliest recorded uses of a wedding ring comes from ancient Egypt, where couples would exchange rings made from reeds and other plants.

A wedding ring is a very symbolic piece of jewellery that represents the commitment and love between two people who have decided to get married. It is typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, known as the "ring finger," as it was once believed that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart (very sweet!).

The circular shape of a wedding ring represents eternity and the never-ending nature of the couple's love and commitment to each other. It is a physical symbol of the promises and vows made during the wedding ceremony and serves as a reminder of the couple's promise and connection throughout their marriage.

When choosing your wedding rings you may want to keep these tips in mind:

Decide on a style: There are many different styles of wedding rings to choose from, including classic, vintage, modern, and unique designs. Think about your personal style and what type of ring you want to wear every day.

Try on different styles: Before making a final decision, try on several different styles of wedding rings to see what looks and feels best on your finger. This will help you get a sense of the different materials, widths, and shapes available to you.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a wedding ring that reflects your personal style and fits comfortably on your finger.

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