What Are The Most Popular Types of Earrings?

Earring styles and trends are always on the move, and with so much choice, it can sometimes feel like you're falling behind. Or if it’s not the trends, it’s ensuring you have that perfect pair to complement every outfit, no matter the style or occasion. 

At Rocks, we believe in keeping with the classics. This way, you can be sure that you have timeless accessories that can be paired and styled in numerous ways. Investing in high quality pieces for your jewellery collection, whether that be a pair of yellow gold hoops, diamond studs or some dangling pearl drop earrings, will mean your items will last a lifetime, all while becoming staples for your signature style. 

But where to start with building your earring collection? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles we think should form the basis of every jewellery range. 


Stud earrings 

Stud earrings are a must-have in any worthy jewellery collection. They are neat and versatile, perfect for both the minimalist or maximalist styles, and vastly popular for their ability to add quiet intrigue to any outfit without overpowering the whole look. 

If you prefer the understated simplicity of studs, then opting for a small yellow gold or sterling silver pair will have you oozing classic sophistication wherever you are. For those who want to add extra intrigue to their look, then rose gold remains a unique choice, or opt for studs with interesting detailing and gemstones for a hint of glamour. Whatever you choose, studs will always be a reliable accessory and will help elevate any look with ease.


Hoop earrings 

Hoop earrings are a fail-safe way to show off sophisticated style with minimal effort. They will be forever timeless, and in recent times, have matched the popularity of stud earrings. They showcase incredible versatility, perfect to wear to the office, during weekend errands, as well as evening events. 

A set of diamond hoops will be the perfect way to add sparkle when the moment calls for it, whilst a set of thin silver or gold hoops will be an everyday staple. If you seek something a little out of the ordinary, try geometric silhouettes or mixed metal options to demonstrate your sense of style.


Cluster earrings 

Cluster earrings are the stud's glamorous friend. They add an unmissable sparkle to any look and an allure that is one-of-a-kind. Their setting allows them to be both contemporary and classic, and they can be crafted with the inclusion of diamonds and other gemstones that can also add an antique appeal to your set. 

Whether you’re a regular attendee of soirees or not, a pair of cluster earrings will take your looks far beyond what you expect. Choose from one-tone clusters, or designs that have an eclectic touch, and showcase your most beguiling self.


Drop earrings 

Drop earrings make sophistication simple. They have been a favourite of the jewellery industry for decades and encapsulate a regal elegance that has made them desirable among many elegant individuals. 

For an everyday look, minimally designed, shorter drop earrings will be ideal for office and casual wear. While a longer, diamond-adorned style will add boldness and drama to your look, perfect for special occasions and evenings out. 


Huggie hoop earrings

Huggie earrings are the understated minimal dream. Not only do they hold all the sophistication of the hoop, but they also have the everyday wearability of a stud. Huggies are small hoops that sit snug to the ear lobe. They are unique among all the earring styles and are one of the newer trends, but one that has sustained itself and is now a deserving classic. Unlike most earrings, they don't have a typical butterfly backing and instead have a hinge clasp that gives them a sleek and clean finish. 

The popularity surrounding huggies is their no-fuss nature and barely-there style. They are eye-catching worn alone and can make great base layers for those who like to stack their earrings high. 


Climber earrings 

If they are not already, climbers will be your new favourite ear accessory. They give the illusion that your jewellery is climbing up your ear in a design that looks like it is more than one earring. 

Climbers are a beautiful piece of jewellery to wear and when lined with diamonds or other stones, will add radiance to your face with little to no effort. They’re also a great piece to wear when you want more jewellery adorning your lobes but you only have one piercing. 

Climbers also come in a range of styles and metal choices and are a great way to showcase some creativity and personal style in a very contemporary, modern way. 


Cuff earrings 

Ear cuffs pack a punch and add an alluring edge to any look. They are the epitome of modern style and have a stand-out nature that will catch eyes from every corner. Some ear cuffs require no piercing, allowing you to play around with placements and designs in a non-committal way. Others consist of a cuff that is attached to a stud, giving you the chance to decorate your entire ear with simply one piercing. However, they come in all shapes and sizes, and as soon as you’ve got your first, we guarantee you’ll soon be planning on buying another. 


Diamond earrings

Diamonds have a sparkly grip on every jewellery lover. Diamond earrings, specifically, are a necessity. However, where once diamonds were reserved for the most special of occasions, nowadays they are part of the everyday outfit. 

Their elegance takes any look to new, sophisticated heights, and will hold their own in any setting. Adding a pair of diamond earrings to your look will make every day special and you can find numerous designs that are the perfect reflection of your style. Just be prepared to radiate timeless glamour when you find them.


Pearl earrings

Any jewellery collection should consist of a perfect pair of pearl earrings. Known as the gem of the sea, the pearl’s popularity has never faltered since its discovery. They are among the more desired and sought-after gemstones, oozing elegance from the lobes of the most stylish, sophisticated women. 

Pearl earrings come in designs that are traditional, classic, and contemporary, meaning there is a pair out there for every unique personality and style. Find subtle stud styles or ornate drop designs with diamond or crystal embellishment for extra glamour. 


These are the incredible earring styles that will make sure your jewellery collection is forever versatile and timeless. Begin to build your collection today with our wide range of earrings, available online and in-store. 

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