Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings: Designs From Different Eras

The surge for a vintage inspired engagement ring has risen in popularity over the years, with brides-to-be desiring jewellery that is traditional, but still showcases their unique and individual personality. A vintage inspired engagement ring is often the perfect way to do this as they’re instilled with today’s glamour, charismatic style and quality, whilst being an elegant nod to the past. 

While a true vintage engagement ring holds all the one-of-a-kind individuality that cannot be recreated today, they are extremely hard to source, require a mammoth amount of care and are oftentimes very delicate. Thankfully, modern jewellers are able to craft beautiful vintage inspired engagement rings that give the look of an antique style, but with a modern quality, stronger and better metals, more beautiful diamonds and exquisite craftsmanship. 

What is a vintage inspired engagement ring?

A vintage engagement ring is a ring that is typically more than 50 years old. Antique is a word that is used interchangeably with vintage, to describe rings that are typically older than 100 years. Many of us do not have easy access to jewellery that has lived almost a century and so choosing a vintage inspired ring is a great route to go down.

A vintage inspired engagement ring is a ring that has been crafted by jewellers today, with the design intention of giving it a vintage appearance. In this way, the ring is newly created with stylistic elements that give the engagement ring a vintage feel, where it looks as though it belongs to a past time period. 

Why choose a vintage inspired engagement ring?

In choosing a vintage inspired engagement ring, you get all the romance embedded in an antique ring, and all the durability and glamour that comes with modern day craftsmanship. There is also much more ability to create a ring that is bespoke and personal, as you can choose diamonds, gemstones, cuts and settings that reflect your personality and style, rather than having to settle for an antique ring that isn’t a 100% true reflection of you. 

Another great reason to choose a vintage inspired design is that today, diamonds are held to a much higher standard than they once were, thanks to modern technology which allows for more precise cuts and demands greater clarity. A true vintage ring will likely feature lower clarity diamonds, poorer cuts and colour grades. They often come with a heftier price tag because of their historic past and one-of-a-kind nature. 

Designs from different ages 

There are numerous different styles of rings to choose from to get the vintage inspired look you desire. Modern jewellery makers are able to offer an array of designs that emulate the look and feel of a vintage inspired engagement ring, but will be dazzling and new. Read on to learn more about specific vintage inspired styles through the different eras:

Victorian engagement rings 

Known for their big and bright personality, the Victorian style engagement ring hails from the time period of Queen Victoria’s reign: 1837-1901. Jewellery was on a periodical change during this time, and the trend for jewellery that reflected joy and youth ahead of a new young queen became popular. 

Romance was the theme with the Victorian engagement ring and it was showcased with colourful and large gemstones. which would frequently dominate the diamond. Shapes would favour halos, and designs would feature snakes to represent the entwined couple. Prince Albert famously gifted a snake ring to Victoria to represent their eternal love. 

White metals and rose gold were the favoured metals during this period to create engagement rings that were focused on being more classic rather than extravagant. However, with newly discovered South African mines, diamonds were much more accessible and so frequently featured in a bold way in the ring. 

Some examples of Victorian inspired engagement rings include:

Edwardian engagement rings


The Edwardian era followed the Victorian and rings fashioned in the style of this period reflect the styles popular during the reign of King Edward VII: 1900-1915. It is an era considered to be the peak of elegance and sophistication, known as la Belle Epoch, or ‘the Beautiful Era.’ 

Rings from this era were designed to incorporate as many diamonds as possible, with intricate designs and lacy detailing for an ornate and captivating style. Ring designs of this era continue to be highly sought after as they capture the light and airy feeling of romance. 

There was a great deal of love for platinum during this era as it became more accessible and was renowned for its durability and beauty. Two toned rings were common in ring designs, and different metals such as yellow gold and platinum would be combined to create extra intrigue and extravagance. 

Examples of Edwardian inspired engagement rings include:

Art Nouveau engagement rings

Art nouveau is a style of art that appeared in the late 19th century and takes its name from the French, to mean ‘new art.’ Its style is characterised by the era's fascination with the natural world, with ring designs using organic shapes and intricateintricatel designs to capture this. Also, after centuries of isolation, Japan resumed trade with the west and so an oriental style became prominent in engagement ring designs as it paired well with floral detailing too.

Each engagement ring was intended to celebrate nature, and so cluster rings were a great way to do so as the diamonds would give the illusion of petals surrounding the centre stone. Rings would also boast warm toned metals such as yellow gold to emphasise the ornate feel of the design and it was also a way to break away from the rigid design aesthetic of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. 

Some examples of Art Nouveau inspired rings include:

Art Deco inspired engagement rings 

Art Deco rings became prominent in the early 20th century. It was a movement influenced by art, fashion, architecture and design. Art deco rings are one of the most popular vintage inspired engagement rings for their details that set them apart from other era inspired rings. The focus was on clean lines, and minimalism, with a focal point being the intricate shapes of the centre stone, and contrasting vibrant colours of the accenting gemstones. 

Art Deco jewellery is different from the Art Nouveau style that came before it which focused on flowing lines and organic forms. The Art Deco style is characterised by straight lines and cleaner, modern shapes. 

The emerald cut became a hallmark of the Art Deco period and was a great way to showcase the innovation of the 20th century. The emerald cut gave off a mirror like effect which embodied the period's love for geometric design and intricate craftsmanship. The age was a marriage of simplicity and creativity that the world had not yet seen.

An example of an Art Deco inspired engagement ring includes:

Rocks are specialists in vintage inspired and modern engagement ring designs. With a diverse collection to choose from, you are guaranteed to find an engagement ring that suits your personal preference and style. For any more information about our vintage inspired engagement rings, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts at Rocks.

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