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When shopping for the perfect engagement ring for either yourself or your partner, it can be daunting when faced with so many styles, shapes, cuts and settings to choose from. To ensure you make a decision that is right for you, this blog post is going to arm you with all the important information you will need for when you’re ready to buy your forever ring. 

We have been so lucky to have had lots of amazing couples choose Rocks for their forever ring over the last few months. There have been many lovely moments spent in our private consultation areas seeing couples choosing and designing their dream ring.

We always keep an eye on the trends to see what is changing or emerging. So, to help you find the ring of your dreams, whether you are looking for something on-trend or unique, we have analysed the top diamond cuts chosen by our customers. Read on to discover more. 

Top types of engagement ring cuts: 

  1. Round Brilliant 
  2. Oval 
  3. Emerald
  4. Cushion 
  5. Pear 
  6. Marquise 
  7. Princess 


Once you have decided on a diamond style, you then need to choose a shape or cut of Diamond that will help showcase your diamond in all its glory. For this, we have broken down the most popular engagement ring cuts. 

Recently round brilliant cut diamonds are preferred amongst almost half of our customers, and a third of our customers have gravitated towards an oval cut diamond. For those yearning for something less expected, princess and marquise cuts are the less common choices. 


The round brilliant cut diamonds have been the most popular choice as of recent. The style refers to a diamond stone that has been cut into a classic rounded shape. Its brilliance is its illusory ability to appear circular to the eye, but in actuality, the cut has 58 facets by tradition. The facets enable the diamond to interact with light in a beautiful way that lets off a brilliance and sparkle that is unique to the round brilliant cut. 

What’s more, the shape of the round cut stone enables it to pair perfectly with almost every type of setting. For instance, in a solitaire setting, the stone will forever look chic and timeless and complement your existing rings. In a halo setting, the diamond will be enhanced in size and sparkle, appealing to the bride that wants her ring to exude opulence and luxury. 


The oval cut shape was designed to optimise the carat weight of a diamond. They feature no sharp points and give the diamond a greater, stretched out surface area, allowing it to appear bigger than a round brilliant diamond of the same weight. The oval form offers a lot of versatility and suits any number of gemstones, from diamond to sapphire. 

The oval cut is second to the round brilliant cut in popularity. However, the oval cut picks up a similar brilliance and sparkle as the round brilliant, and its faces are cut to create brightness and fire to the stone. Despite the similar properties shared with the round brilliant, an oval cut offers a contemporary look, making it an excellent alternative to the traditional style. 

The elongated shape of the oval cut, paired with its narrowing effect, means it comes as no surprise that it has captured the spotlight amongst brides-to-be. 


The emerald cut diamond features in the top three most popular cuts, earning its appeal amongst brides-to-be because the stone shape tends to look larger than others, making it desirable to couples that want a show-stopping ring that doesn't compromise your budget. It is immediately recognisable from its rectangular form and precision cut corners. The cut features small rectangular facets that look like steps, which separates it from more common brilliant cut engagement rings. The emerald cut has 58 facets (25 crown, 8 girdle, and 25 pavilion), which allows it to emit sparkle and brilliance in a much more subtle way compared to other cuts.

Pairing the emerald cut diamond with a halo around the centre stone gives your ring a modern twist. You can also add side stones for extra sparkle, or even use the emerald cut diamonds as side stones to another different cut centre stone diamond for a ring that is a little out of the ordinary. 


Pear cut diamond engagement rings blend the best of the round brilliant and marquise cuts to create a graceful shape to any diamond or gemstone that tapers to a soft point. The tip of the pear cut is designed to be worn pointing upwards or downwards depending on your preference, making it a versatile style. 

The pear cut has also been dubbed the tear drop due to its soft and hard edges, said to symbolise tears of joy. Its distinctive silhouette is unmissable, and due to their extended shape they look larger than a round diamond, with a surface area that is 80% larger on top. 

A pear cut diamond is great for all manner of brides-to-be, whether you’re looking for a vintage, modern or classic look. 


Characterised by an elongated shape with opposite ends that draw to a sharp point, the marquise cut diamond dates back centuries and is adored by women all over the world. 

The stretched out shape of the marquise cut flatters every wearer by elongating the finger, making it appear slimmer and longer. The extended shape of the marquise cut makes any stone appear larger, ensuring your engagement ring design makes a statement. 

Despite its winning characteristics, the marquise cut is not as commonly chosen as others, making it the perfect option for those who seek something different. 


The princess cut diamond is characterised by its squared, geometric design which features straight edges, sharp corners, and a pyramid shape. They are amongst the most unique cuts, and unlike most other square shaped stones, the princess cut possesses a level of brilliance that echoes traditional round designs. 

Due to their geometric design, the princess cut diamond will speak to the modern and contemporary woman, but thanks to their simplicity and long-standing reign, they can also portray an essence that is both classic and timeless. Of all angular stone styles, the princess cut diamonds are by far the most sparkly. 

We hope this blog post has provided you with insight and inspiration for finding an engagement ring that is perfectly suited to you. If you require a ring that you feel hasn’t been covered, be sure to browse the Rocks engagement ring collection and discover an unrivalled and diverse range of engagement rings that can be tailored to fit your preference. What’s more, you even have the opportunity to create your own bespoke ring by working with our expert team of in-house designers.

Browse the complete collection online and in store, or book an appointment to discuss your dream engagement ring design. 

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