A Guide To Fancy Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings

Undeniably, colourless diamonds take all the glory when it comes to engagement rings. However, the unique and vibrant nature of a coloured diamond can sometimes be overlooked. 

The truth is, there are many fancy coloured diamonds available alongside the traditional colourless form, but sometimes, it can be difficult to pick the right one. In this guide, we cover how coloured diamonds are formed and the meaning of each one to help you on your way to finding the perfect engagement ring style. 

What are fancy coloured diamonds and how are they formed?

Fancy coloured diamonds are diamonds which possess a colour other than the white diamonds we see so often. These are available in a variety of colours such as yellow, pink, green, blue and even black! Each coloured diamond has its own sentimental value and special purpose, which means that you can find a coloured diamond engagement ring to symbolise your unique relationship.


Fancy diamonds follow the same formation process as traditional diamonds however, coloured diamonds get their hue when certain scientific reactions occur during their formation. Scientists have found that the colour of the diamond depends on the minerals and trace elements present during the formation stage, and as a result, each diamond colour has its own unique characteristics.

Image source: Geology.com

How to assess the quality of fancy coloured diamonds?

To assess the quality of coloured diamonds, colour, clarity, carat, and cut are factors taken into account. The GIA scale is an accepted grading measure used to assess these aspects of a diamond. Carat, clarity and cut are measured as they are for any diamond, however, colour is given greater attention with these fancy alternatives. 

Colour is graded on a scale of D through to Z, with D referring to a colourless diamond and Z being a yellow-brownish colour. But with fancy coloured diamonds which span a spectrum of shades, grading takes into consideration other important attributes such as tone, saturation, and hue. 

With white diamonds, the GIA scale is also an indicator of the value of the diamond. Diamonds that fall under or are close to the ‘D’ category are the most expensive, whilst diamonds closer to the ‘Z’ category are more affordable. This differs when referring to coloured diamonds because their value is based on their rarity and colour intensity. 


Different types of coloured diamonds 

Fancy coloured diamonds are available in a whole range of shades. Some of the most popular include: 

Yellow Diamonds 

Commonly found in the Cape Province of South Africa, yellow diamonds are the most popular in the coloured diamond family. They are formed when nitrogen interferes in the formation process. They are thought to be very rare, even rarer than the highest quality of diamond in the ‘D’ category. 

Yellow diamonds evoke joy and are associated with wisdom and knowledge. The striking colour makes yellow diamond engagement rings a go-to for a statement look. 

Pink Diamonds 

Commonly found in Western Australia and Brazil, pink diamonds are formed as a cause of disfigurement in the crystal lattice that is caused by a mixture of extreme heat and pressure. Pink diamonds are one of the most sought after diamonds because of their romantic essence and dainty appearance. They are particularly loved amongst women because they make perfect sentimental gifts. For example, a pink engagement ring exudes love and romance.

Blue Diamonds 

Blue diamonds are formed when boron is found within the stone’s composition. The blue shade can vary extensively and the intensity level of a blue diamond depends on the amount of boron present. However, elements such as hydrogen can also be present and form greyish-blue diamonds which are more faint. Blue diamonds are rare and one-of-a-kind stones, they are used as a symbol of tranquility, eternity, and devotion. A blue diamond engagement ring gives a sense of royalty and is a true statement piece that won’t go unrecognised.

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are one of the only coloured diamonds that come in one intensity level. They are formed through the inclusion of elements such as hydrogen, boron, and nitrogen. They are either discovered beneath the earth with this colour or lab-manufactured to take on deep, dark shade. 

Black diamonds are valued by both men and women for their dominant elegance and sign of strength. Many couples choose to celebrate the strength of their relationship with a sentimental black diamond engagement ring that attracts all the attention.

Opting for a coloured diamond engagement ring can open the door to an endless choice of styles and possibilities. Not only do these precious stones look beautiful, they also hold value and sentimentality, which is why they are so often chosen as the focal point of special jewellery items. 

Whether it’s a favourite colour or one that represents a unique quality, moment or memory in your love journey, there is guaranteed to be a fancy diamond ring that is right for you. And that’s just one other reason they are adored by so many. For more coloured diamond engagement ring inspiration, browse our shoppable collection online today.

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